PES 2013
 - Game Update
Pro Evolution Soccer 2013
 Patch Update Option File evo pes ps3
Pro Evolution Soccer 2013
 Patch Update Option File evo pes ps3
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Works on all version PS3's including 40GB, 60GB & 80GB.
Will also work with online modes of PES 2013 .
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PEU amazing update for PES 2013 that includes all corrected kits, emblems, team names and much, much more.

PES 2013: Football for the Future

Football fans will be thrilled with the brand new gaming experience delivered by Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH in the form of PES 2013. The game was created for Playstation 3 and brings a totally new level of immersion and entertainment to one of the group’s longest running series in a complete new package.

Players are drawn to PES games for their realism and control features, but PES 2013 brings a whole new meaning to these concepts. The new game gives the series a shake up with a host of new features, including more control options, game play additions and superb animations to make for a football experience that as close to the real thing as possible.

Total freedom is ensured through the introduction of a new power bar for each player to use so that strength and pass and shot placement can be customized. Balls are spread absolutely precisely, including long balls, short passes and one-twos – so that players can always be on top of the play and tempo.

The team leader for European PEAS at Konami Digitial Entertainment, Jon Murphy spoke about the latest updates of the company’s most popular series and said: “It was time for PES to transform, and PES 2013 represents the most ambitious redesign in the series’ history.

“We’ve continued to work closely with the fans to pinpoint what it is about football that PES didn’t do,” he said. “Total freedom was the priority and all-new animation a must. PES 2013 does both – indeed, they are directly linked to each other – and while the new game is recognizably PES at its heart, it is also the most radically improved version ever.”

New AI routines in PES 2013 allow players to dictate every move and decision they make on the field. The new game has done away with AI intervention, and passes do not automatically reach the nearest player - leaving the decisions to the player’s intuition and skills and making for absolute control at all levels.

The success of PES 2013 lies in the complete revamp of its control system that puts the wheel in the player’s hand at every level as well. The new game presents higher levels of challenge, with skills such as dribbling and close control on the field a must to master if players want to advance in the game.

The software group has worked hard to maintain the original features of what makes PES so popular – realism and skill – but has revamped much of the game to create one of the best offerings seen today. Some of the more dominant new features and changes that represent PES 2013 are as follows:


  • Enhancement of the 360 degree passing ratio to ensure unbeatable control over all passes, shots and throw ins, as well as other moves.
  • Balls can be passed into space.
  • Passes must be weighted and team mates’ runs predicted, for the last word in intuitive play.
  • Players can apply pressure on opponents to gain the ball off them.

Shot and Stamina:

  • The ‘shot and stamina’ gauge found in the PES series now boasts the option to detail the player’s precise level of fitness.
  • Players will see, for example, that sprinting can affect their stamina statistics, making them lose pace on the field.

Defender AI:

  • The new defender AI allows players to hold their positions, without the need to chase after each ball that comes into their area.


  • This is one area where PES creators have gone all out to create a total revamp, after listening closely to what the game’s fans have to say on PES forums.
  • Fluid, natural movements have been created for players on the field.
  • Improved player physics.
  • Improvement in animations such as jostling and blocking.
  • Larger variety of tackling styles.
  • Each team player has an individual style that is evident during game play and when they’re off the ball.

Play Speed:

  • The pace of place is now determined by certain situations during the game.
  • Counter attacks will trigger heightened game pace.
  • Players can dictate the pace depending on quick passes and other moves.


  • PES 2013 is the most realistic football game now in existence.
  • Over one thousand new animations have been created for the new game, including facial expressions and player movements.
  • Player movement has been vastly improved on; including more natural runs, throw ins, turns, etc.
  • Improved elements of motion in reruns to view goals in action.
  • More natural speed ups and slow downs.

Tactical and Strategy:

  • Players have the ability to personalize their own styles at the highest possible levels.
  • A new ‘drag and drop’ menu – which is fully animated to ensure that players understand the changes they are making - allows players to dictate all aspects of team management for greater control.

Feint Settings:

  • PES 2013 improves on the existing feints and turns by allowing players to map their move sequences.

Master League Online:

  • Players can challenge themselves against other football managers online in an all new Master League, one of the most enjoyable aspects of the PES series.
  • Players go all out against others around the globe to build a world-leading squad that will compete against others online.

Edit Features:

  • Players can create teams, stadiums and leagues with qualification structures through PES 2013.
  • League emblems can be edited.
  • All other edit features found in PES 2011 have been left in the latest edition of the game.

Other Additions:

  • Higher difficulty level, presenting greater challenges to even the most discerning player.
  • New camera angles enable players to enjoy the highest levels of animation and visuals found in a game thus far.
  • Referees and goalkeepers have had their aesthetics improved on, as well as their AI features.
  • The commentary process has been improved on so that it is better overall, with less repetition and closer attention to detail.
  • By popular demand, Lionel Messi has been brought back as PES 2013’s cover star, honoring the greatest football player that ever lived.
  • The game sees the expansion of the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League.
  • Club Liberadores, South America’s club tournament, has been added to the list of competitions offered in PES 2013.

Jon Murphy of Kunami Digital Entertainment said that these features listed above were “just the tip of the iceberg for PES 2013.” He promised that there are still significant announcements to come regarding the game’s modes and gameplay functions.

“The first footage of the new game perfectly showcases the new animation and freedom elements that beat at the heart of the new game,” said Murphy enthusiastically. “We are confident that PES 2013 will both surprise and delight football fans. They are going to have to relearn how they play, as this is a very different game, but I am confident it will blow them all away.”

Update Includes:

  • Correct team names
  • Correct team squads including starting line-ups and formations
  • Correct team strips - home, away & goalkeepers
  • Correct player names & numbers
  • Correct competition & stadium names

This PES 2013 Option File includes:

All Premiership Updated
Bundesliga Teams, Emblems & Logos
Premier League Stadiums

  • Player transfers up-to-date as of Summer 2013 transfer window
  • This PES Option File Update will also work with online modes of PES 2013


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